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How uPVC doors are made.

Posted by | July 31, 2020

You'll be surprised to find that uPVC doors are more than mass produced. From measuring your doors to final installation, every stage of perfecting your ideal made to measure door requires skill and craftsmanship of the highest standard. In this article, we will explore the steps needed to create an outstanding uPVC front door. 

The uPVC profile, the basic building block.

A uPVC door is made from uPVC profiles, the basic structural component made from extruded, rigid PVC. It is this profile that imparts the strength, integrity and durability to your door.

Profiles vary between manufacturers and should comply with standards that specify the number of chambers in the profile's cross section and the thickness of its walls. Thicker walls and multiple chambers make a stronger profile. The profiles are also rigorously tested for durability and weather resistance.  

Metal reinforcement for added strength, stability and security. 

The next critical step in uPVC door fabrication is the addition of metal to the uPVC profile. Metal reinforcement of uPVC has the following benefits:

  1. Imparts strength. 
  2. Adds structure, helping the door take its characteristic shape.
  3. Prevents expansion and warping of the frame, helping the door to retain its shape and finish over time.
  4. Provides structure for attachment of your door's locking mechanism.

Either steel or aluminium is added to the uPVC profile cavity depending on the door manufacturer's preference.

Expert fabrication for a made to measure front door. 

Cutting-edge computer aided design and manufacturing means that your door is made to your exact measurements and specifications. The uPVC profiles are cut to size with addition of the necessary steel inserts which are held in position by screws. 

Hand finished assembly ensures precision assembly of all parts. 

A dedicated assembly team has the skills and expertise needed to ensure that each uPVC door is properly assembled and able to provide you with years of reliable service.  Sequential milling, welding and polishing steps create the uPVC door frame which can then have the relevant locking mechanisms, handles and hinges screwed in. Rubber gaskets are added to provide an insulating seal to the door. Both the door and its complementary frame are assembled in this way, with the addition of the glazing design of choice as a final step.

Robust quality control.

Once the door is fully assembled, it must still pass through product testing and quality control steps to ensure it is fit for use. 

This means that no door leaves the workshop without meeting stringent quality and safety standards.

High quality uPVC doors exceed standards that specify:

  • Weather-tightness
  • Strength
  • Thermal performance
  • Security and closure mechanisms
  • Fire safety and resistance

Attention to detail at every step means your uPVC doors will last a decade or more.

Every step of the design and manufacture of your uPVC front door utilises decades of industry expertise and innovation. uPVC doors are designed and built to withstand everything the environment throws at them, making them a safe and secure investment for your home. 

We are pleased to provide the very best in uPVC doors and frames for our customers. Contact our team today to find out more about how you can have a new uPVC door installed.

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