What you need to know about Bi-fold doors

Posted by | September 21, 2021

It's hard to miss Bi-fold doors as a statement feature on homes across the country. Whether they are an architectural detail on an expansive property extension or a smart upgrade to an existing sliding patio door, Bi-fold doors always manage to be both eye-catching and practical.

This quick guide is an introduction to what's great about the Bi-fold patio door design and why you may want to consider installing Bi-fold doors in your home.

What are Bi-fold doors?
Bi-fold doors are expansive doors that are made up of multiple panels or sections that fold back to create an opening through which you can pass. When closed the individual panels are unfolded and spread flat to completely cover the opening.

They are also known as folding doors or ‘concertina’ doors after the action required to open and close them.

Why Bi-fold doors are a fantastic choice for your property.
Bi-folds add a touch of drama to any space. The individually glazed panels let in loads of light and a great view. The large opening makes these doors perfect for providing relaxed access to the garden for alfresco living or summer entertaining. They're also popular because they give properties a spacious feel. Well-engineered aluminium or uPVC designs are great at giving the illusion of a wall of glass and the modular design can be opened as much or as little as you want.

Quick design considerations for your Bi-fold doors

  • Materials used: Bi-folds are available with uPVC, aluminium or wooden frames. uPVC is more cost-effective and has lower maintenance than wood and aluminium. Aluminium is the lightest material with good thermal performance. Wood requires the most maintenance and can shrink and swell over time.
  • Colour: dark Bi-fold door frames featuring greys or black are particularly popular right now. Other colours and finishes are available to complement your property
  • The number of leaves: you can choose the number of sections that your door contains. Narrower and more numerous panels take up less space when folded back than fewer large sections.
  • Custom fitting: corner fitted or extended length Bi-fold doors are entirely possible. Two sets of doors that meet in the corner are currently in demand.

Getting Bi-fold right requires building work.
The opening within which the Bi-fold doors are installed requires structural surveying. We can assist you in assessing whether the proposed location for your doors is suitable, but a builder will need to make an opening of the appropriate size. Once this work is complete your Bi-folds can be installed.

Contact us to get the installation of your new Bi-fold doors underway.
We have an extensive inventory of aluminium and uPVC Bi-fold doors available for you to choose your ideal doors. We recommend that you have a home visit for a structural survey and measuring as early as possible to ensure that the design of doors you choose will be suitable for your property.

Getting started is as easy as reaching out to our helpful team by phone or email. We look forward to sharing more about this great door design with you.