How to clean aluminium windows and doors

Posted by | September 16, 2021

Aluminium is a great hard-wearing material for creating windows and doors that look smart and contemporary. Though aluminium double glazing is well known for being low maintenance, it's important not to let its finish deteriorate through the build-up of grime and dirt over time.  Neglecting to tackle your windows does increase the risk of damage or erosion on any special finishes you have chosen.

So in this short article we will equip you with all you need to know to keep you aluminium doors and windows at their best. Read on for how to clean aluminium windows, the dos and don'ts, and how often your Aluminium double glazing will need its TLC.

How to clean aluminium windows and doors
Cleaning aluminium window and door frames does require a bit of thought, because of the powder coated finish that you don't want to  damage with over vigorous cleaning. Even if unpainted, you do not want to scratch the frames. That's why we recommend a simple, gentle and regular cleaning method that avoids ingrained grime that you may want to scrub or scour.

Here are our key steps for cleaning aluminium frames effectively:

  1. Prepare some warm, soapy water. Avoid chemicals that could strip or disrupt any paint present.
  2. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth cloth dipped in your soapy water to wash down your frames.
  3. Aluminum windows have been designed to be very easy to clean and should not require vigorous cleaning.
  4. When cleaning your aluminum doors take care to clean the corners and crevices of the windows where dirt often builds up. The hinges and tracks of the door or  window should also be wiped clean of debris and kept dust free. It is build-ups in these areas that ages your glazing.
  5. Once you have finished washing down your aluminum frames, make sure that they are dried thoroughly. Adding a little elbow grease with a soft cloth that will bring out their lustrous finish.

Aluminum window dos

  • Clean regularly: regular gentle cleaning is better for your windows and doors than more aggressive cleaning when they are heavily soiled.
  • Vacuum window tracks and in between hinges: this prevents dust build-up that can jam moving parts and prevent your windows opening and closing smoothly.
  • Douse your frames in water before cleaning: this loosens dirt.

Aluminum window don'ts

  • Use commercial cleaning agents: some cleaning products may contain solvents that are capable of stripping paint finishes on your aluminium.
  • Clean with scouring pads or wire wool: abrasives will damage the powder coating or paint finish of your windows.
  • Wash aluminum windows or doors with a pressure washer: The force of water can disrupt the seal on the windows and cause them to fail.

How often should aluminum doors and windows be cleaned?

To keep your aluminium frames at their best, tackle them at least once a quarter (every 3 to 4 months), This will keep them looking smart as the seasons change. Washing your windows more frequently, will also reduce that amount of dirt that adheres to your frames.

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