Great Benefits of UPVC Patio Doors for your home.

Posted by | September 24, 2021

uPVC is an everyday choice for high quality and hard-wearing windows and doors. Its versatility lends itself to creating a variety of stunning patio door designs that will make your garden access a centrepiece of your home. Here we take a look at 6 reasons to make uPVC the choice for your new patio door! 

  • High-quality uPVC profiles with steel reinforcement provide exceptional strength to your patio doors. We stake our reputation as a company on the quality of our uPVC which will provide your sliding or Bi-fold patio doors with superb strength and resilience against the elements.
  • As window and door experts we know that uPVC can provide the durability you need. New patio doors are a significant expense and we want to make sure that you enjoy years of service from your new double glazed uPVC doors. uPVC will stand up to well over 15 years of repeated use and the 'tough' love of a busy household. 
  • The versatility of uPVC means that you can have the option of many beautiful patio door designs. uPVC patio doors are available in stunning contemporary and classic designs that will be an excellent addition to your home. Aside from the classic French doors, we can provide the latest multi-panelled Bi-fold or contemporary sliding doors. If a classic glossy white finish is not your thing, we can provide our uPVC in a range of finishes, making your new doors suitable for any type of home. 
  • Competitive pricing makes uPVC a great choice for homeowners. Compared to timber or aluminium frames, uPVC has lower up-front costs. This makes it an attractive option when you consider the range of designs you can choose from. In addition, if you need a timber-style finish, uPVC can achieve this in a range of shades.
  • The security of your patio doors is critical. With multipoint locking, uPVC remains resilient against forced entry. It can be easy to forget that as a point of entry, your patio doors need to be secure. Our range of French, sliding, and patio doors are built to withstand brute force attacks with locking bolts to ensure that intruders are kept out.
  • Maintenance is not a hassle as uPVC does not require sanding, painting, or special cleaning products. A bucket of hot soapy water is all that is needed to keep your patio doors looking brand new. This makes uPVC popular for windows and doors, especially when you consider their longevity.

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