Does double glazing really make a difference?

Posted by | August 21, 2020

Over several decades, double glazing has established itself as the glazing of choice for UK homes. The combination of two panes of glass separated by a layer of inert gas has not yet been beaten in innovation or thermal efficiency. Over 90% of UK homes have some form of double glazing installed and it is widely accepted as being the market leader for energy-efficient windows. But does double glazing truly live up to its claims? In this article we will explore whether double glazing really makes a difference to the warmth of your home.

It's all in the U value.

Heat transfer coefficients, known as U values provide an objective measurement of the effectiveness of double glazing. Lower U values mean that energy is transferred to the outside environment via the double glazing more slowly.

Real world cost and energy savings.

If you have a 10 degree difference between inside and outside your window, you will need to actively supply energy to heat the room to maintain the internal temperature. Good quality double glazing will slow down the rate of heat loss to the outside, saving you on the amount and therefore cost of energy needed for maintaining your room temperature.

Tackle the obvious energy drains.

Double glazing delivers its best thermal efficiency performance when:

  • Other areas of the property's weather shielding have been addressed such as ducts, venting, etc
  • The property has proper insulation, especially that of the ceiling and roof.
  • Exposure to natural sunlight is maximized
  • At night, windows are suitably covered to prevent indoor air moving against the glass

Comfort and your subjective experience of double glazing.

Double glazing also makes a room feel warmer and cozier because of the thermal performance of the insulated internal layer of glass. This glass pane will clearly feel warmer than an equivalent single pane. The window and surrounding area will therefore feel more comfortable to be around in comparison to single layers of glass where the relative cold of the pane conducts heat out of the building and can create the sensation of a draft.

Make your home more presentable and more desirable.

Double glazing makes a real difference to your property's exterior and its smart appearance, it’s hard-wearing and weather-resistant finish is recognised as adding value to your home. If you’re looking to sell your property, buyers often expect double glazing as a matter of course and installation is likely to assist you in completing your sale.

So, double glazing, is it worth it?

High quality double glazing installed by reputable companies like ourselves will perform admirably in improving the energy efficiency of your home. You will experience a difference, with lower fuel bills and energy consumption, especially when partnered with other strategies and behaviors that minimize heat loss.

If you are thinking about upgrading your windows, we are on hand to provide no-obligation advice, information and ideas to assist you in making the right choice to get the maximum out of double glazing.

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