Windows are a well known hazard for children

Posted by | March 8, 2021

If you have a growing family, you’ll appreciate the need for your windows to be safe and secure, especially when little ones are nearby. Windows are a common hazard for children with falls from open windows being a significant contributor to annual statistics on accidents in young children. Also, accidents can occur due to broken glass, digits being trapped in hinges, and children letting themselves out of properties unnoticed.

Make child-safety a priority for your windows.
This makes your windows an area of your home where you can leave nothing to chance. Double-glazing is certainly much safer than the older single-pane windows but in most cases still has a child-sized aperture especially when the mandatory fire-escape windows are considered. Securing your windows will require not only creative thinking but also some proactive measures, especially if your windows are old.

5 key uPVC window safety devices to make your windows child-safe.
Though some of these devices are integral in contemporary uPVC window designs, they can all be purchased separately for quick and easy retrofitting on the majority of double glazed windows.

1. Window restrictor hinges
These paired metal friction-stay hinges will only allow the windows to open a small distance meaning that they can be cracked open for ventilation but not swung wide. To fully open the window the upper and lower hinges must have a specific point fully depressed, which can only be done by an adult. Most also carry an egress or fire-safety feature for emergency escape.

2. Sprung window safety catches
These simple window restrictors consist of a metal spring-loaded hook and stud that the hook attaches to limit the opening of the window. These catches are vertically mounted, self-engaging, and can be readily released by an adult when needed. Often you forget that they are there as they are very discrete.

3. Tilt and turn window restrictors
Tilt and turn windows are a great design but can be hazardous. Plastic Tilt and turn restrictors are fitted to limit the opening of the windows in both directions. They have varying levels of robustness and installation complexity but a critical to keeping this popular window design safe and secure.

4. Cable lock restrictors
Cable window restrictors feature a length of strong plastic coated cable that is secured to the window and attaches to a lock on the window frame to limit the opening of a window in whatever direction is required. As the design is locked it is very secure and both the cable and lock component will require screw installation.

5. Sash jammers
These window sash jammers are a great way of securing a window if you no longer have the key to lock it. They also can be installed as an additional home security measure if you are concerned that your lock could be bypassed by a thief. The jammer is secured to the window or door frame and has a lockable rotating projection that prevents the opening of the window.

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