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Will a new front door add value to your house

Posted by | April 23, 2021

If you are thinking of selling your home or property, the last thing you want is your pride and joy gathering dust in a stagnant local property market. For many homeowners, selling a house is provides the impetus needed to give tired fixtures and fittings a much-needed spruce up.

One of the best places to begin preparing your house for sale is at the entrance! Replacing your front door not only gives the entire property a great uplift in appearance but can also increase its value, making a new front door an outstanding investment.

Why replacing your front door is one of the best ways to add value to your property.

A new front door has remained one of the most effective renovations for enhancing property value. A widely-cited 2020 study by established that the right front door can add as much as £4000 to the sale price of a property!

Purchasing a front door for a home for sale will almost always deliver a welcome return on investment with property gurus quoting ROI of between 74 and 91.3 per cent when the property is sold.

A new front door adds instant curb appeal.

The price uplift that you will enjoy with a new front makes sense as curb appeal makes all the difference to the vital positive first impressions when marketing a property. Your estate agent will thank you for a property that looks stylish and aspirational and a considered front door design that complements the property style and neighbourhood will attract buyers and make the property appear welcoming.  You want your property to look like the new home a potential buyer is dreaming of. Selling property is competitive and a new front door will place your home ahead of dowdier houses in your locality.

Did you know that front door colour can also enhance your prospects of a sale?

The study also found significant disparities in the appeal of different front door colours to buyers. This also affects the increase in value that the door procures. A smart blue door was found to increase the price by the maximum of £4000, followed by white (£3,400) while the uplift expected with a brown front door was only around £700. Though there is a fashion for bold or lurid colours that inject personality into a property, the consensus of property gurus is that neutrals are best to ensure that your potential buyer is not put off.

When installing a new front door on a house for sale, quality counts.

When you consider that the right front door can last 2 decades or more, you want to buy a door that will also provide the new owners with value too. A good quality front door is easily discerned and puts a buyers mind at ease that the front door is secure and will not need to be replaced quickly.

Three market-leading options for a fine front door

  • uPVC front doors have a smart, contemporary appearance and are very low maintenance. They are secure and widely recognized for their insulative benefits, especially where they include double glazing. Though uPVC is the cheapest option for a new front door, it durable and you can expect new owners to enjoy up to 15 years of service from their door.
  • Timber front doors are incredibly hardwearing and are available in a range of traditional and contemporary styles. They will require maintenance tasks, like staining, varnishing or painting, but look very smart when at their best. They also can last up to 30 years with the right care.
  • Composite front doors are emerging as a market leader for a secure durable and stylish front door. They come at a premium, but their composite design means they are engineered for performance and longevity. They usually have a solid timber core that provides strength, but also include a metal frame with a multi-point locking mechanism for superior security. These doors are smartly finished with a special glass reinforce plastic coating which can be acquired in a range of colours and effects.

Talk to us about how you can get your property sale-ready with the right front door.

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