uPVC Sash Windows - A quick guide

Posted by | July 9, 2021

Until recently, if you lived in a period property or listed building, double glazing was only a dream. But recent innovations in double glazing design and engineering has meant that you no longer have to tolerate draughty and cold windows.

The introduction of double glazed sash windows pairs the energy-saving performance of double glazing with the classic elegance of the traditional sash window design. Read on to learn about this revolutionary take on a classic feature of beautiful properties.

Sash windows are an iconic design.

For almost 300 years, the sash building has been an integral part of the architecture of the nation. The name ‘sash’ means nothing more than a concise description of the single or paired frames of glazing that sit and move within a fixed frame that is part of the property. This historic design works by using a counterweight made of lead or other metals that attached to a cord within the box frame of the window. The design has varied little from its earlies sliding design, with the Victorians and Georgians enthusiastically embracing this type of window and including it in many of the period properties we see today.

The uPVC sliding sash window

These modern versions of the classic sash window will, from a distance, look almost identical to their period counterparts. Great care has been taken to reproduce the sightlines and propositions of the sliding sash design and incremental refinements and customisation can make these window a perfect replacement for careworn timber sashes.

Advantages of uPVC sliding sash windows.

  • Double or triple glazing insulative benefits: At last owers of old homes have a way of tastefully integrating double glazing. The inclusion of high performance double or triple glazing will provide an immediate improvement in the energy efficiency of a period property, bringing the performance of your windows into the modern era.
  • A smart replica: though the architectural historians and restorationists may be hopping mad, the uPVC sash window is a surprisingly good replica, good enough for many planning departments in conservation areas.
  • Smooth movement: You won’t have to worry about grappling with your swollen or painted over sash windows. The uPVC version is designed to provide smooth movement within the frame.
  • Low maintenance: With uPVC, you have none of the maintenance woes that come with timber. There is no need for sanding, staining or painting. A simple wipe down from time to time is more than adequate for these durable windows.

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