UPVC Doors in Scotlands' Largest Town

Posted by | March 1, 2020

Scotland's largest town has a personality of its own that is certainly not cooled by the worst the west central Lowland weather can throw at it. Paisley is a thriving heartland rich in history and culture and a great place to call home.

Those picturesque Renfrewshire Victorian terraced cottages and rich sandstone tenements have given the town a character and resilience that has lasted long after the mills ceased their clatter. And with a new generation of homeowners comes the need to upgrade, improve and make these charming properties, whether period or contemporary your own.

Upgrading your front door is a great way of improving your home and keeping secure. It can easily be overlooked when buying a home, but usually a front door will need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years depending on its condition and the material it is made from.

uPVC presents outstanding value for Paisley property owners. Learn more how you can keep your property safe, secure warm and presentable with these quality doors for your home. Here are 6 key benefits of uPVC doors Paisley homeowners should know about.

  1.  You can remain confident that a new uPVC door will keep you in good stead for 20 years and up to 35 years if properly maintained. This means that this type of front door compares favorably with wood and composite materials. An added advantage is that this versatile material will not fade meaning you can keep your door looking its best for a long time.
  2.  uPVC in an ingenious material and it's easy to forget how much we rely on it. It is tough, durable and rot resistant meaning that your door has the resilience needed all year round. Our high quality manufacturing harnesses the very best of this material with attention to detail and a robust, yet stylish finish on every door.
  3.  Unlike wood, where you spend your seasons painting, sanding and staining again and again, uPVC is revived with a simple wipe down with a soapy cloth. This low maintenance option will certainly save you time and money as the years roll by.
  4.  uPVC doors have clear and demonstrable competitiveness when it comes to pricing which is far less than the outlay for a wood or composite door which can easily clear £1000.
  5. These doors are engineered to keep your heat in and the Lowland chill out. With double glazing included, you will benefit from great energy efficiency, and of course, save on those energy bills.
  6.  These versatile doors do not come out of the box but are made to measure according to the design of your choice. Ask us about the wide range of uPVC door styles and the look and finish that can be achieved for your property.

Enjoy all these benefits along with outstanding customer service expertise and sound installation from The UPVC Company.

We are Paisley's leading uPVC window and door specialists and take pleasure in serving this vibrant town with high quality door and window fittings that last.

If you want to know more about how you can make the move to a uPVC door in Paisley simply call or email our helpful team to find out more.