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Top tips for maintaining your uPVC windows and doors

Posted by | April 2, 2021

Your double glazed windows and doors not only make a real difference to the thermal comfort of your home but are also a significant investment that may add to your property’s value. For these reasons and more it is well worth putting in the effort to keep your uPVC windows well-maintained.

Treat your windows right and they will serve you well!
Get some pointers from the professionals with our top 10 tips for keeping your windows and doors at their very best for a long service life for your home. All these tasks are quick and simple but make a real difference to the condition of your glazing.

Top 10 tips for maintaining double-glazing
1. Don’t slam your windows and doors.
This has to be our number one piece of advice for property owners who want their quality double glazing to last. Because windows and doors are an everyday part of the fabric of your property it is easy to slip into handling them roughly. However, uPVC windows and doors are composite structures with sealed panes that can become damaged by repeated impacts, losing their insulating benefit. The hinges and locks can also become damaged in this way. If closing your windows or doors is becoming difficult without the use of force, contact a window company to take a look at your hinges and locks.

2. Avoid direct heat near uPVC fittings.
If your uPVC windows and doors have prolonged exposure to a heat source, the raised temperature can lead to warping of the uPVC plastic and seals within the window frame. The use of heat guns or positioning of radiators beneath uPVC windows can cause the failure of the window’s seal leading to condensation between the glass panes and draughts.

3. Make it a habit to keep your windows moisture and dust-free.
Not only will your windows look great, but regular cleaning also keeps away moisture and dust that becomes ingrained in the tracks of the windows and the edges of the seal between the glass and the uPVC frame. This can encourage mold and corrosion which eventually damages your windows. All that uPVC requires is a regular wipe down with a damp cloth. Avoid over rubbing also as you may accidentally disrupt the window seal.

4. Do not use pressure washers to clean your double-glazing.
You may want to get a deep clean, but pressure washers are capable of damaging double-glazed windows. Sustained pressure on the panes of glass can disrupt the critical sealing, with the escape of the insulating gas layer. Exceptionally powerful pressure washers can even break the glass!

5. Lubrication keeps your window’s hinges and locks moving freely.
Targeted and intermittent use of a lubricant like WD40 is great for keeping hinges and other moving parts working properly, as well as protecting them from rust. Check the suitability of any lubricant used with your manufacturer and do not use excessive quantities. If you are using a lubricant clean off any build-up as this can attract dirt and start to impede the movement of the hinge.

6. Examine your seals at regular intervals.
The integrity of the seal of your windows will keep them performing properly. While your windows are in warranty it is prudent to keep an eye on the seal and alert your manufacturer or installer to any problems that occur. If there are any signs of a failed seal, it is best to tackle them early with a professional repair as this problem will only progress and deteriorate the performance of your windows.

7. Run a vacuum over the tracks of your windows.
If you hate the unsightly build-up of dust and grime in the tracks of your double-glazed windows, it is well worth the effort to keep them dust-free. Using a vacuum cleaner will get ingrained dust out of the tiny crevices manual cleaning may not be able to reach. This will keep your windows opening and closing smoothly and keep corrosion at bay.

8. Keep condensation down.
Installing double-glazing often leads to a reduction in condensation, but you will still need to put in the effort to condensation at bay. Leaving moisture to sit on your window panes can damage them. Wipe off condensation build-up when it occurs and tackle the problem at the root, with proper ventilation and the avoidance of moisture build-up in your home.

9. Keep drain holes and slot vents obstruction-free.
Slot vents and drain holes are a magnet for dirt and dust which can eventually occlude them if it is not cleared regularly. Blocked vents and drainage looks unsightly and also contributes to damaging moisture build-up around the window frame. Avoid build-up by making their clearance a part of your cleaning routine.

10. Tackle problems early.
It is easy to ignore stiff hinges, blown seals, and rattling locks, but our experience is that problem double-glazing will not remedy itself and damage will only worsen. As your local double-glazing experts, we encourage property owners to reach out for advice and prompt repairs when they encounter problems with their windows.

Feel free to call or email our helpful team and we can be right able to offer the assistance you need.