Tilt and Turn Windows

Posted by | March 29, 2021

If you are considering installing new windows for your property there may be an overlooked uPVC window style that could really enhance the presentation and utility of your windows.

The Tilt and Turn windows are not widespread in the UK but are a common feature of apartment buildings and houses across Europe.

The name of these windows comes from their unique dual direction of opening from a single handle. Unlike double-hung windows, these windows can be opened either by tilting the window inwards via a hinge at its base or swinging the window wide open like a door. All you need to do is change the direction of the handle to control the method of opening.

Tilt and turn was originally a German design, designed in the 1950s with rapid uptake across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Over the years, and with the integration of double glazed window panes, tilt and turn windows have proved popular as a durable and practical window.

Why uPVC tilt and turn windows are a fantastic investment for your property.
Tilt and Turn uPVC windows are versatile: with two opening options, you can choose whether you want to tilt the window open for ventilation or open it wide for access.
Tilt and Turn is a secure window design. With the added tilt function you don't need to swing your window open to get air into your property.
Tilt and Turn is a distinctive modern design that is very flattering on a wide range of properties. Owners of these windows find that the large panes offer unobstructed views and really let the light in.
Tilt and turn windows are bigger. The engineering of these windows is incredibly stable despite the unique functionality meaning that compared to regular casement windows Tilt and Turn windows can be larger.
With Tilt and Turn, you can clean your windows from the inside. As these windows open inwards, you are able to access the outside pane for convenient cleaning.

Security and safety are at the heart of a unique window design
Along with enhanced ventilation and excellent thermal efficiency, the Tilt and Turn window provides advanced security. The widows have an integrated multi-point locking mechanism, with metal locking pins that have superior protection against forced entry. The pins also provide optimal positioning of the venting and frame of the window, increasing the longevity of the double-glazing seal.

Talk to us about installing Tilt and Turn windows in your home
More and more British house self-builders and homeowners are becoming aware of the outstanding quality and benefits of this performance design. We are experts in the installation and manufacture of this outstanding window design and can provide you with all the advice, information, and expertise you will need to make Tilt and Turn windows part of your property. Contact our team by phone or email to learn more.