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Roof Windows - A Short Guide

Posted by | June 25, 2021

If you are looking for an attractive and practical way of bringing more light and ventilation into your home, a roof window provides a smart, contemporary solution. In this short guide, we will get you up to speed on the basics of roof windows and why it is worth installing one in your home.

What is a roof window?

Roof windows are specially designed windows and flashings that are installed in-plane with the roof of your property. They may be able to be opened or be non-opening and must meet specific specification, safety and performance standards. In particular, roof windows must be installed in the same orientation as your roof with a minimum pitch of 15 degrees. These specialist windows also must be able to withstand adverse weather conditions and provide a weatherproof closure.

Is a roof window the same as a skylight?

No roof windows are distinct from skylights, light tunnels and rooflights, which can both be safely installed on a flat roof and are usually non-opening. As roof windows have the ability to be opened and are larger they are a far more practical choice for bringing fresh air and a relaxing sky view into a new part of your home.

Roof windows have benefits for homeowners of every type.

Aside from light and ventilation, these windows are perfect for making a previously underutilized space in your home more practical. An attic can become a welcoming playroom or home office without the overhaul of a full loft conversion. A hobbyist astronomer would be delighted with the enviable view of the night sky that can be enjoyed from a roof window.

Roof windows are also capable of improving the thermal comfort in the spaces where they are installed. As they let so much light into a room, they also allow natural warmth to follow and be retained in your living space.

Where can I install a roof window?

Roof windows are, of course, a natural choice for home renovations such as loft conversions or extensions as they provide the natural light needed to make these spaces truly comfortable. You can install these windows where every you have a suitably pitched roof, making, kitchens, solid roof conservatories and even stairwells could be ideal locations to fit a smart roof window design.

Get expert advice and turnkey installation of beautiful double glazed roof windows for your property.

As one of the UK’s leading double glazing companies, we are on hand to fit high-quality roof windows that are made to measure for your home. Our expertise and expansive inventory mean that you will be able to find a style of opening or non-opening roof windows to perfectly complement your property as well as providing the thermal efficiency and weather resistance that double glazing is known for.

To get started with ordering a new roof window call or email our friendly team who will be delighted to arrange a visit to your property where you can learn more about the design options available and have your new roof window measured up.