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Posted by | July 2, 2021

uPVC is the standard for double glazing and if you are looking to order replacement windows they provide a versatile, cost-effective and durable solution.

You may have heard that uPVC windows and doors can expand in hot weather. While it is true that uPVC can swell, it is a normal, contained issue that is easily remedied. Read on for some handy points on the swelling of uPVC double glazing.

So why does uPVC swell?

Like many materials, including timber, uPVC will mildly expand in hot weather and contract when it is cold. It's important to emphasize that this change in dimension is not uncommon for any of the materials in your home. After all, you may have internal doors that swell and become more difficult to close when summer hits, and as you know they shrink right back down as the cooler weather comes in.

With uPVC, the swelling may only be recognized by the windows and doors being just that little bit stiffer to open and close. Rarely you may end up with windows that are frankly stuck. For most homeowners with uPVC, this effect goes completely unnoticed.

Can uPVC double glazing become warped?

A concern for some property owners is that their uPVC will be warped. Though raw uPVC material can swell by over a centimetre at 40ºC, it is unlikely that your windows and doors will be exposed to such a high temperature without the deliberate application of heat, which should always be avoided.

The uPVC used in the double glazing industry is formulated to cope with weather extremes and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, as little as 0.36 millimetres over a 1.5-meter profile length, so you can be confident that your windows will retain their structure and not warp or crack. In addition, the steel frame within the uPVC profiles provides robust structural strength and all windows and doors. All of our uPVC double glazing undergoes extensive structural testing before it leaves the factory floor.

Concerned about uPVC heat expansion? Here’s how you can tackle it.

If you are finding expanding doors and windows to be a problem, you can take action to cool your windows and doors down. All you need to do is simply mist your uPVC surfaces with cold water, or pat it down with a cold damp cloth. Even if a window is stiff, do not make adjustments to the window as it will soon contract down to its normal dimensions.

Need help troubleshooting double glazing problems? Talk to us!

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