Double Glazed Window Frame

Keep historic Edinburgh looking its best by upgrading your property's windows!

Posted by | March 6, 2020

Keep historic Edinburgh looking its best by upgrading your property's windows!

Being a homeowner in Edinburgh means living among buildings that have stood for centuries, rich in the history and culture of this regal and imposing city. Whether your home has 'Auld-Town' tradition or New Town style, the quality of your glazing will be critical to your buildings integrity and upkeep.

In a world class city like Edinburgh there are are a range of environmental exposures and pollution that will take their toll on your glazing. Add to this our harsh Lothian winters and the need for high quality robust windows for your property becomes clear.

Keep the clatter of the cobbles out of your home with superb double glazing insulation.

Double glazing affords you the opportunity to benefit from its excellent insulation properties, which far excel single pane glass. With double glazing, 2 panes of high quality glass are separated by an Argon filled space, which provides the exceptional insulating effect. The inert gas layer is less conducting of heat than air and forms an effective barrier between the sealed internal and external panes. With double glazing you benefit from:

  • great thermal insulation
  • savings on the costs of heating your home
  • good acoustic insulation
  • secure and well sealed windows
  • a smart upgrade to your property's presentation
  • increased property values
  • low maintenance and long-lasting windows which make a superb investment

With these tangible benefits it is no surprise that so many Edinburgh homeowners prioritise their home's glazing for upgrade.

Choose your ideal windows from our outstanding range of double glazing designs, in keeping with the beauty of this historic capital.

Double glazed windows are often perceived as being a very generic fitting, but you could not be more wrong! Contemporary design and engineering of double glazed windows means you can enjoy the widest range of window designs, openings and finishes ever. Your Edinburgh castle can enjoy beautiful period window styles including:

  • Sash windows
  • Casement windows
  • Tilt and turn windows
  • Georgian bars
  • Traditional framing

All you need for tasteful and sympathetic windows for the most regal of piles.

Ask us about what can be achieved with your property. Even if you are in a conservation area, we will have double glazing solutions that will be in keeping with your property's style and surrounding area.

We are the number one choice for high quality windows in Scotland's first city.

If you are looking for windows, you need us on your team. Our company has been serving Edinburgh homeowners with our ourstanding service, quality of product and attention to detail.

We provide turn-key double glazing solutions for your home and will measure, build and fit custom-built windows fabricated from market-leading materials.

Installation by our in-house team is completed with excellence and you will have a point of contact who will keep you appraised of your window replacement from start to finish.

Contact our helpful team today by phone or email to get started and we will schedule a no-obligation home visit at a time of your convenience.