How to save money on double glazing

Posted by | May 7, 2021

Ten top tips for saving money on double glazing

If new double glazed windows and doors are an upcoming property project for your home, we are sure you will be keen to find out how you can keep costs down. Savvy buyers can shave £££s of the cost of replacing the windows in a property by using any of these tried and trusted strategies for saving money on double glazing.

Read on for ten methods that can save you money on replacement double glazing. You may have to do your homework, but a great deal can be yours for the taking.

  1. Supply only windows and doors may save you money. With so many manufacturers and distributors offering trade supply double glazing online, you may be able to enjoy a significant saving by sourcing your windows yourself. There can be some pitfalls with this strategy, especially if your measurements are not accurate. A solution can be to have the supply windows fitted by a local company or tradesperson, saving on turn-key prices.
  2. Consider the amount and types of opening you include in your windows. Before you opt for high specification openings on every set of windows, it may be worthwhile to consider how the windows are used. Apart from the necessary egress windows, you may find that you can save by limiting the number of opening windows. Fixed windows are cheaper because they carry less hardware and engineering. Paired windows will still look balanced even if only one of the windows opens.
  3. Cut back on upgrades like triple glazing, colour, glazing bars etc... Choosing extras is great fun and with an unlimited budget, we are sure that anyone would install new windows with every niche feature in the catalogue. However, if savings are a priority, you will need to go back to basics. Removing detailing features like glazing bars, venting, or coloured frames could lighten an overall bill by hundreds of pounds.
  4. Reduce the number of sections in your windows. By limiting the number of sections you have in a single window, you can reduce the amount of hardware the window carries and therefore its cost.
  5. Buy at the right time of year. If you are prepared to wait for the more inclement conditions of the winter months you may be able to strike an advantageous deal on your replacement windows. This is because the winter months are the slowest for the trade, so there will be far more competition for your hard-earned cash.
  6. Do a deal. If you have a portfolio of properties, a conservatory project planned or need a replacement door, you may be able to leverage this additional work to negotiate a competitive price overall. There is no harm in asking if there is any flexibility in pricing and many companies may offer a discount as a gesture of goodwill.
  7. Be movable on the energy ratings. Double glazing has excellent thermal performance and often the most expensive windows do not add a great deal in insulative benefit. If budget is a key issue for you don’t overlook those C rated windows in favour of the A++ ones.
  8. Compare the market. Put in the time and hard work to shop around for the best price for the windows you want. The internet has made this much easier. By doing your research you will have a better understanding of the uPVC products available and what they cost, which will help you negotiate a fair price on your windows and doors.
  9. Take your time. Pressured selling techniques aren't a good look in the double glazing industry, but they can and do occur. It is really important to not feel rushed when placing an order for new windows. When you receive a quote, take your time to evaluate it fully and ask all the question you need. Be prepared to revise your plans in the event of a better offer or renegotiate a deal.
  10. If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Property owners who manage to secure an unbelievable deal would do well to be wary. When dealing with double glazing, some healthy scepticism goes a long way. Remember, double glazed windows are a specialist product that requires expert installation by competent professionals and the cost of this cannot be escaped. An unusually low price may be indicative of corners being cut.

Rounding up

Double glazing is a great value investment for your home and if you can get quality windows and doors for a great price it makes it even easier to decide to buy.

Quality and value are at the heart of our established and reputable double glazing company and we work hard to make our uPVC and double glazing prices competitive without cutting corners.

Why not reach out to our helpful team to see what we can do to assist you in pinpointing the right windows for your home? Call or email to arrange a visit where we can measure your property for new windows and doors for free.

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