How secure are tilt and turn windows?

Posted by | April 15, 2021

If you are considering a smart and contemporary upgrade to your property's glazing, don’t let the Tilt and Turn window pass you by. It is increasing in prevalence in the UK thanks to its unique dual-hinge opening mechanism that allows you to tilt the window open at its top or open it wide using its side hinge. Though its practical design is readily appreciated, you may be wondering if a window with a mechanical hinge opening on two axes is truly secure. In this article, we will help you to understand more about how this window design works and its key security benefits that are not to be missed.

The Vorsprung Durch Technik window
The Tilt and Turn window is a European import, with the design being a classic across central and western Europe. The original designs were introduced in post-war Germany around the time that uPVC and double glazed window technology were just beginning to be developed. These windows were ideal glazing for multi-floor apartment buildings as they offered the option of discrete ventilation as well as inward opening for easy cleaning of both panes. They were initially a premium product but with falling manufacturing costs they had widespread adoption throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

How do Tilt and Turn windows work?
These unique windows are opened in both directions by turning a single handle to one of three positions.

  1. When the handle points downward, the window is closed.
  2. By turning the handle through 90 degrees the window is opened inwards from its side hinge, in a similar manner to a door.
  3. Further turning of the handle to 180 degrees, pointing upwards, the window will tilt open at the top providing a vent. The tilting is not excessive and is limited to no more than 15 degrees. This is achieved by the hinge in the upper corner of the door becoming disengaged and the bottom hinges functioning. One lower corner hinge can work in both directions making this dual opening possible.

The outer bottom and top hinges of these windows will only operate in a single direction and are engaged or disengaged depending on the direction of opening.

Key security features of Tilt and Turn windows
The structural robustness and security of these windows are not to be underestimated, despite the wide range of movement Tilt and Turn windows offer. In, particular three key features that are characteristic of the enhanced security profile of these windows

  • Industry-leading hardware - everything about these windows boasts world-class engineering. Tilt and Turn windows have metal construction that imparts strength and is resilient against impacts and wear.
  • Multipoint locking mechanism - the Tilt and Turn window have at least 5 metal locking pins along the inside of the window vent. In the close position, the pins protrude into a metal rail along the frame locking the window shut, even without a formal lock. This mechanism provides superior protection against forced entry when compared to a double-hung window.
  • Limited tilt - the addition of the Tilt function means that these windows can be discreetly opened for ventilation without opening wide enough for potential intruder access. Also, the hinges are very strong and will withstand force or overextension.

This means that you can purchase these unique windows with the assurance that your property's security will not be compromised in any way.

Other benefits of this distinctive window design
Also, there are many other features of this well thought out window design including:

  • Easy to clean: inward opening windows can be readily accessed for safe cleaning on both sides. This makes them a great option for upper floors.
  • Large, unobstructed windows that let in maximum light. They are also an advantageous egress window design.
  • Stylish and modern: The Tilt and Turn window's minimalist and contemporary design works well in both residential and commercial spaces.

It's clear that with Tilt and Turn windows you will be enjoying excellent value for money as well as the assurance that you have invested in hard-wearing windows that are truly secure.

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