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Green Homes Grant Scheme For Double Glazing in England

Posted by | September 25, 2020

Have you applied for the Green Homes Grant to double glaze your property?

As part of the national drive to make our homes, communities, and nation greener, the UK Government has initiated the Green Homes Grant scheme to partner homeowners and landlords in making energy-saving improvements to their properties. Starting September 2020, property owners can log-on to the Simple Energy Advice website to receive a personalized plan for how they can make their property more energy-efficient. Not only with participants receive impartial and independent advice on these prudent home improvements, but they also can apply for funding to implement key improvements like double glazing, which will make homes warmer and energy bills lower.

  • Up to £5000 is available to cover two-thirds of the cost of recommended improvements.
  • Lower-income households may be eligible for up to £10,000 to offset upgrade costs.

Double glazing is an essential property upgrade if energy savings are a priority for your home!

Double glazing is designed and engineered to be one of the most effective means of preventing heat loss from your home. The two panes of glass, separated by inert gas provides an insulating layer that retains heat within your home. In warmer months, you will also find that your indoor temperature is better regulated as the barrier prevents warm air from entering your home too. Condensation and damp, and their associated costs are kept at bay as the double glazed window panes are warm and less likely to attract and condense moisture. The efficiency of these windows will show up on your energy bills with savings that over time, will offset the cost of having your new windows installed.

Use your Green Homes Grant vouchers to install safe and secure double glazing on properties of any kind.

HM Government expects families to save up to £600 per year on energy bills through improvements to their homes. Double glazing perfectly complements and enhances the benefits of other green improvements like cavity wall insulation or low-carbon heating. Not only does our high-quality double and triple-glazing make a warmer home through winter, but it will also mean you have more secure windows with less noise pollution from outside too.

Talk to us about how you can save money on beautiful double glazing with superb performance before the March 2021 deadline

If you want to get new windows installed on your property with the Green Homes Grant Scheme, you will have to be quick. Your voucher must be redeemed by the 31st March 2020, with full completion of work within the time provided. If you are not sure where to start our helpful team is on hand to provide all the information and advice you need to participate in the program as well as promptly measuring your property and preparing a clear and comprehensive quote for your new windows.

We are trusted local tradespeople who will carry out your work with excellence and attention to detail.

Our company carries numerous industry accreditations that reflect our high standards and passion for good service. We will be delighted to supply you with references and a portfolio of our previous work. The Green Homes Grant presents an amazing opportunity to invest in high-performance glazing that will save energy in your home for years to come. Call or email us to get your upgrade underway!

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