French doors - The Complete Buying Guide

Posted by | April 16, 2021

French doors a UK buyers guide

If you are looking to upgrade your property by including a beautiful set of uPVC French doors, this comprehensive guide will equip you with everything you need to know to make an informed choice. French windows make a stunning addition to any home and lift both the appearance and utility of your property. Read on for advice, hints, and tips for installing an outstanding set of these quality doors in your home or property.

Firstly, are French doors French?

Surprisingly these doors are well named as indeed, they are from France. Never to be outdone for opulence, these doors were originally created as uber-sized windows!

A quickish  history of French doors

French doors go back further than their widely acknowledged Gallic origins. They probably were first included as a Greco-Roman architectural feature, affording a noble person entrance onto a balcony. But the French took things to the next level by the inclusion of glass, which was already being included in the door panels of their ornate building designs. This aristocratic building feature became widely appreciated and admired because it allowed rooms to be filled with light.

This iconic door design has stayed the course as an incredibly practical opening for balconies or other outdoor spaces.

uPVC French doors are the perfect feature glazing for your home.

The French door design is incredibly versatile and is an aesthetically pleasing door style that can work with both period and contemporary properties. The number one benefit of having these doors in your home is the amount of light they let in. This makes converting a regular large window to French doors a popular renovation project. Other benefits of French windows include:

  • The symmetry of these windows is very attractive, they open outward beautifully and make a tasteful alternative to generic patio doors.
  • French doors work both at ground level or on the upper floors of a building, opening onto a Juliet balcony or roof terrace. These doors can also open into or be integrated into a conservatory, or installed in a custom-built garden office.
  • As one or both of these paired doors open, you will enjoy great access to your property as well as a spacious entry that can be used for entertaining or moving large items.
  • Compared to sliding doors, French windows have great heat retention as they are more quickly opened and closed. French windows made with uPVC double glazing have even greater thermal efficiency.
  • The generous opening of these doors also provides a safe and effective egress in the event of a fire or other emergencies.

A classic design with contemporary engineering

Also, our superior double glazing and strong uPVC profiles make these doors robust and secure. Timber framed French doors can appear flimsy and extensive single pane glazing is a notable hazard.

Our premium uPVC profile provides market-leading structural support, robustness, and the durability that is necessary for doors that are in high-traffic areas. The proprietary profiles also accommodate industry-standard multi-point locking mechanisms meaning that despite the doors having a lot of glass in them, they are incredibly secure.

uPVC is the best choice for taking on the British winter. When paired with double glazing, French doors deliver similar insulative benefits, U values, and thermal performance to double glazed windows. PVCu is a price-competitive choice that delivers outstanding value when you consider that you can expect your double glazed French doors to last up to 15 years or more. You are also free of the maintenance that comes with a timber-framed set of doors. They are a great replacement option as they can be fitted to any size of the opening or added as part of a property extension or conservatory.

Made-to-measure UPVC French doors to compliment any property

High-quality materials and manufacture of our uPVC French windows will deliver outstanding performance, longevity, and security on a made-to-measure basis. Every set of double-glazed French doors are fabricated to the exacting measurements and design specifications for your property. This means that French doors are unique to your home, rather than off-the-shelf products that may not fully match your requirements. If the opening for your French doors is particularly wide (greater than 4 meters in width), you may benefit from a bi-fold French door design or doubling the doors with the inclusion of non-opening full-length window panels.

Choose freely from a variety of glazing styles ranging from a cool contemporary panelled design to styles that include sash windows, half-glazing, mid-rails and top lights.

Expert installation is vital to a satisfactory finish to your new French windows

When buying French doors online the calibre of workmanship used for their installation is critical to the long-term performance of the doors. You need to work with a company that will provide skilled tradesmen who will not only measure and fit the doors but also properly prepare your property structure and ensure a flawless finish at departure. Your new French doors should also be FENSA, CERTass, or buildings regulations approved to assure that they have been compliantly installed.

We are your uPVC window and door company of choice for quality French doors

If you are ready to upgrade to the timeless style of French doors, our responsive and reliable team is ready to serve. We are with you every step of the way, from measuring and selecting your ideal set of French doors through to the installation and finishing of your brand new glazing. We also provide all the follow-up and aftercare needed to ensure that you can truly enjoy this new addition to your home. Call or email us today to get started.

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