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Double Glazing Design Issues

Posted by | October 5, 2020

Double glazing can appear to be a very generic product, but with an expansive inventory of made to measure designs, you will be surprised at just how unique contemporary double glazed windows and doors can be. Before you let your imagination run wild, let’s take a look at 4 key design issues that property owners need to consider when installing new windows.

  • The uPVC profile

A uPVC profile is the basic structural component of uPVC windows. It is made from extructed Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride which forms a hollowed and compartmentalised frame structure that is reinforced with metal and capable of supporting the glazing and housing handles and locks. It is a key determinant of how your window will finally look and function. Unfortunately not all uPVC profiles or systems are the same. Thin, low-density profiles provide poor structural support, can crack, warp, and have a shortened lifespan, no matter how great the windows look. Ensure that your windows are built on high-quality profiles so that double glazing that will perform optimally for the long-term. 

  • Looks matter

Though you do not usually require planning permission to install new double glazed windows, you may encounter issues if your property is a leasehold, part of a conservation area or has active covenants or article 4 directives that place conditions on the type of external changes that can be made. Thankfully we are experienced in undertaking successful double glazing installations in neighbourhoods or properties where the design has to be sympathetic to the building’s design and surroundings. For owners of period properties, double glazing is a much-desired upgrade to chilly single pane glass. The great news is that you can choose from a range of tasteful and sympathetic window designs with classic apertures and openings that will remain in keeping with your property’s style.

  • Set your sights on correct sightlines

If you live in a period property you may be used to glazing that has a well-balanced appearance with panes and openings of equal size. This is at odds with a lot of modern windows that have larger panes with a smaller pane that opens. Installing modern windows on a period property can therefore disrupt the sightlines of the building. You may need to install specialist low sightline double glazing, a specialist product, to get the aesthetics you require.

  • Child safety

If your double glazed windows are installed in a family home, rental or holiday property that may be occupied by children, it is prudent to ensure that your window installation is child safe. The Royal Society for the Prevention from Accidents suggests that up to 4,000 children are injured annually as a result of falls from windows. This makes practical ‘child-safe’ measures for securing your windows vital. Aside from good quality handles and locks, integrated window restrictors can be useful as they limit how far the window can open. This means that you can enjoy good ventilation without a wide-open window on an upper floor.

Talk to us about what can be achieved with your new double glazing install.

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