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Composite Doors, A Special Type Of Door!

Posted by | March 2, 2020

Why composite doors are fast becoming established as the market leader for quality doors.

If you're looking for a new front door, you may be wondering what composite doors are and what they can do for your property.

Composite front doors are a special type of door which combine the very best performance benefits of solid timber, metal and synthetic materials like uPVC. The result is a front door that boasts superb strength and integrity with none of the maintenance needs of solid wood and versatile hard-wearing finishes that will complement your property for years to come.

Composite doors of all designs are the perfect fit for your Fife property.

The amazing thing about composite doors is the sheer versatility of designs and styles available. The solid timber core is overlaid with metal and topped with a novel glass reinforced plastic that can achieve a variety of novel finishes, complete with a desired wood grain effect. You will be able to enjoy a front door of every type and style including:

  • Panel doors
  • Flush doors
  • Glazed doors
  • French doors
  • Carved doors
  • Windowed doors

and more... Whether you want a traditional finish to your charming stone cottage or a contemporary minimalist edge to your new apartment, we have the doors on hand to complete your look.

Are you in a conservation area? Residents in;

  • West Wemyss
  • Kirkcaldy Harbour
  • Port Brae
  • Longhorn
  • Burntisland
  • Abbotshall

and other conservation areas can be assured they will find a composite door design that will be in keeping with their beautiful and historic character properties. Let us know your needs and we should be able to assist you in sourcing a design of a door that meets planning or listed building requirements admirably.

Superb craftsmanship and expert installation mean you can expect these doors to easy last a quarter of a century or more!

One of the best things about a composite door is the extended longevity you will enjoy in comparison to timber and uPVC. It's all down to the exceptional engineering that is unique to composite doors. The strength of the solid timber core and metal frame provide unrivalled protect against the wear and tear of continued used and the weathering effect of the outdoors. Unlike timber which can take up moisture and expand and contract, composite doors provide consistent secure performance and won't need staining or sanding down.

Get your composite doors installed in Fife by one of the region's leading door companies.

Our company is one of only a few that supply these exceptional doors in the Fife region. Rather than mail or online ordering a door from a faceless warehouse, you get a made to measure composite door built and installed by a reputable company who will come to your home and give you all the help and advice you need to make the right choice.

Getting your doors installed is as easy as calling our helpful office staff who will be delighted to arrange a prompt visit to your property where we can take you through our composite door selection and measure your property for the doors you need.

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