Glass Types For Double Glazed Windows & Doors

Posted by | October 12, 2020

High-performance glass makes all the difference to the level of thermal comfort and noise insulation you experience with your windows. The standard annealed glass that is used in double glazing is already a performance product. But there are many types of specialist glass that can also be used in double glazing. This means that it has never been easier to customize your double glazing and improve the functionality, longevity and safety profile of your windows. In this guide, we will take a look at 6 common glass types used widely in double glazed windows and doors.  

  • Decorative glass

Panels of this etched, frosted or textured glass are ideal for areas of your home where privacy is preferred, such as bathrooms or front door panels. Coloured and painted panes can also be used for a more traditional, ‘stained-glass’ effect which can be used for accents alongside clear window panes.

  • Self-cleaning glass

Self-cleaning glass has undergone a number of treatments to not only breakdown dirt that clings to your panes but ensures that it is washed away in the next downpour. Titanium dioxide is used as a specialist coating that works with sunlight to accelerate the breakdown of large dirt particles. Additional hydrophilic treatments increase the attractiveness of water to the window meaning that surface dirt is more likely to be rinsed off by the rain.

  • Tinted glass

This glass has a very thin metallic coating on it that, like sunglasses, filters the light that can enter your indoor space. This may be desirable if you have artwork, upholstery or furnishings that you do not want to be faded or simply to reduce glare at certain times of the day. This coating can interfere with cellular phone signals and WiFi, so you should ensure that poor digital connectivity won’t be a problem before you have it installed.

  • Acoustic glass

If you have a property by a busy road or train line, acoustic glass can help your indoor spaces be quieter. Standard double glazing with annealed glass already can reduce outside noise by up to 75%, but noise reduction glass goes even further by using finely interspersed layers of PVB within the glass to absorb excess decibels!

  • Laminated glass

This type of toughened or security glass is ideal for patio doors, french windows or front door panels. It consists of layers of glass that are fused together with PVB. This glass can withstand impacts but also does not shatter but holds its structure if it is broken.

  • Fire-resistant glass

This glass is rated for its ability to withstand the heat and direct flames of fire for a prolonged period (up to three hours in some cases). It is also less likely to explode, creating dangerous shrapnel. Using fire-resistant glass may assist your double glazing in meeting certain aspects of building regulations, especially if your glazing is in an area that could cause a fire to spread from one building to another.

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