Common Double Glazing Problems and How to Repair Them

Posted by | October 23, 2020

If you have older double glazed windows you may be experiencing some wear and tear as they begin to show their age. Though double glazing is well-known for its reliability and longevity, there are some common problems that property owners may encounter. Read on for 4 common double glazing problems and advice on easy troubleshooting and repairs.

Why are my double glazed windows misty?

If you have misting or even frank moisture within the space between the two panes of your double glazing the most likely reason is that your double glazed window is ‘blown’. This is when the seal of the glazing which keeps the air or inert gas within the cavity between the panes, fails, allowing air to escape and moisture to get inside.

It’s worth tackling this problem promptly as the loss of the seal on the glazing indicates the failure of the insulating effect of the window and its thermal performance is compromised. A short term fix can be to reseal the window but the most reliable solution is to replace the window altogether.

Why have I got condensation on the inside of my double glazed window?

Properly performing double glazing glass is warm enough on the inside to prevent room temperature moisture in the air condensing on the panes in significant amounts. Even in a room that is steamy after a shower or cooking, light condensation on the windows quickly dissipates. Persistent condensation is usually indicative of a problem with the ventilation of the room rather than the window itself that will need to be addressed to stop it happening.  Trickle vents within modern double glazed windows can assist in improving your home’s ventilation without the need to open the window.

What can I do to repair stiff double glazed windows that don’t open easily?

Stiff windows are usually a sign that it’s time to do some basic maintenance on your hinges. As the years and seasons pass, dirt, dust and moisture can build up on the metal hinges that support your frame. Debris are the biggest impediment to smooth movement of your windows, so your first step is to clean away build-up around the hinges and tracks. Lubrication of joints and hinges also goes a long way to remedying stiff movement. Get out the WD40 and apply some targeted sprays to moving parts.

Can double glazed window handles and locks be repaired?

The locking of your double glazed windows and doors is a security issue for your home and if locks fail your property becomes vulnerable to forced entry. Also, if you have children, you need to be able to lock the windows, especially if they are at height. Thankfully it is easy to call out specialist double glazing tradesmen and locksmiths who can undertake professional and secure replacement of handles and locks. Alternatively, if you have a window that does not lock, you can purchase a cabled window restrictor or sash jammer that can be drilled into the window frame to provide an alternate means of securing the window.

Is it time to replace your double glazed windows?

Sometimes quick fixes and hacks just aren’t going to improve the performance of older windows. Draughty chipped or cracked windows which are no longer doing the job of keeping the warmth in will need to be replaced. The good news is that the design and engineering of double glazed windows and doors have vastly improved in recent decades, meaning that you will be benefiting from superb thermal performance, robust security and an amazing portfolio of styles and openings.

This makes new double glazed windows a sound investment for any property and one from which you are likely to receive great returns through reduced energy bills. Call our helpful team who are on hand to assist you if you would like to know more about installing great new windows for your home!

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