Choosing supply only uPVC double glazing

Posted by | April 30, 2021

Replacing your property's windows and doors requires significant financial outlay, so it is no surprise that many homeowners are seeking to save on costs by choosing supply only uPVC double glazing.

Supply only uPVC is perceived to be a quick, convenient and cheap option for getting new windows. But if mistakes are made in the procurement of these trade windows and doors, you could potentially be left with costs well above simply using a company to supply and fit the glazing and potential damage to your home.

This short article will explain both the advantages and disadvantages of choosing supply only double glazing as well as key advice on how you can get it right and enjoy properly installed windows that will last decades.

What is supply only double glazing?

Supply-only double glazing is double glazing that is procured from a manufacturer or distributor for DIY installation. You may have also heard this type of double glazing being described as trade supply or DIY windows and doors.

These uPVC products are not inferior, shop seconds or clearance items, but are simply sold at a price that is comparable to the price paid by double glazing contractors when they acquire them to complete turn-key projects.

The expansion in online retail has meant that many uPVC manufacturers now provide a supply only service for their products which were originally only supplied to double glazing companies and tradesmen.

If you want to purchase these windows and doors you will need to have the necessary measurements to hand. The trade supply window and door company can then procure the correct items, advising you of a lead time for their manufacture and delivery.

Supply only double glazing has some great advantages.

Supply only double glazing is popular because of its flexibility. Along with all the great insulative and performance benefits of high-quality uPVC windows, supply only double glazing also:

  • provides significant cost savings as you are not paying for the overheads and services charges of a double glazing company. If you are replacing windows for an entire property, the savings can be large.
  • is a viable alternative to using a company if you have the trade skills needed to fit windows competently.
  • leaves you free to source your installers rather than relying on a single company for all aspects of supplying and fitting new windows.

But supply only uPVC double glazing also carries some notable disadvantages too.

Purchasing trade supply windows can leave you exposed in some critical areas and therefore should be carefully considered before buying. Key downsides of supply only uPVC include:

  • mistakes are the purchaser’s responsibility - errors in measuring or other details of the order rest with the buyer, so if you make a mistake you could end up with unsuitable windows.
  • DIY installation may invalidate the window/door warranties - window performance guarantees and warranties are tied to the installation. A DIY job may damage the windows or blow the seals as they are fitted which will not be remedied by the manufacturer.
  • self-installed windows may not be able to achieve building regulations sign-off. You may be wondering, can I replace double glazing myself? However, amateur installation may not meet the requirements for building regulations, and you want to have the option of obtaining a FENSA certificate from an approved installer. Non-compliance is enforceable by your local planning department and can affect a future sale of the property and acquisition of insurance.
  • House insurance policies may also be affected if you fit the windows yourself.

Supply & fit windows can be an accessible solution for saving money on your replacement double glazing.

Homeowners who want to avoid the pitfalls of using supply only uPVC have several options for mitigating risk when purchasing this kind of glazing. Firstly the most accessible option is to arrange a supply & fit service, where the trade supply windows of choice are selected with installation by a recommended contractor who can complete a competent installation and get the work signed off. Many supply only companies can point buyers in the direction of suitable companies and tradespeople.

Alternatively, you are free to source a joiner or builder to assist you in fitting your windows.

Need expert advice on upgrading your property with double glazed windows and doors?

Our reputable and well connected double glazing company is on hand to assist you with procuring high-quality windows and doors for supply only or with a fitting service if required. By working with a company like ours you have the assurance that all work is carried out by approved contractors with industry-standard guarantees and warranties remaining intact on the installation. We can also assist you with professional measuring of the windows and doors to ensure that your uPVC windows are perfectly matched to your property. Call or email us for all the advice and assistance you need.