Coloured UPVC Door

Can you get coloured uPVC doors?

Posted by | March 19, 2020

Can you get coloured uPVC doors?

uPVC is widely regarded as an excellent and cost-effective choice for a resilient front door. However, despite the quality and durability of these doors, the generic white finish may not fit everyone’s needs. If you own a period property or are resident in a conservation area, the styling and appearance of your front door may be subject to permission from your local planning officer, and the proposed design needs to be sympathetic to your surroundings.

Coloured uPVC is an innovative solution that affords you added customization to your uPVC front door. With the novel enhancement of colour, you can enjoy an even wider range of front door designs and finishes, alongside the widely known benefits of uPVC. With coloured uPVC, it has never been easier to find your ideal door. 

Adding colour to uPVC doors.

Colour uPVC front doors are fabricated using specialist paint technology that literally chemically bonds the paint to the uPVC profile surface. The colour bonded paint is environmentally safe and free from harmful substances such as lead, cadmium or isocyanates.

This coating is extremely durable and actually reinforces the finish of the painted uPVC profiles that will make up a door with the colour adherence lasting a decade at a minimum. The finish is also colour stable and resists degradation from UV exposure and abrasion and wear from day to day use.

How do you clean and maintain a coloured uPVC door?

Colour-bonded uPVC stands up to general cleaning, just like your uPVC would. Simply wipe down with warm soapy water, avoiding abrasives and solvents to maintain the smart finish.

Is coloured uPVC more expensive?

A colour finish to your uPVC front door does come at a premium, due to the expense of the colour application required. Though coloured doors carry a higher price tag than standard white uPVC, a coloured uPVC door still is competitively priced when compared to composite or timber doors. This means you can benefit from all the price advantage of uPVC while having a door that perfectly complements your home.

How can I find out more about coloured uPVC doors?

Our helpful experts are on hand to explain more about what you can achieve with uPVC doors. They are a truly versatile solution for your home and you will be amazed at the range of designs and colours available. We can even arrange a visit to your property, share our range of stunning colours and finishes, and measure your new front door. Contact us today to learn more.